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Total Households:


Government Structure:



7 City Council Members

Major Employers:

Nishikawa Standard 


Tippmann Pneumatics 

Brief Early History: 

New Haven was platted in 1839 in a wooded area known as "Gundy's Deadening" by Eben Burgess and his son Henry.  Upon a favorable vote on July 7, 1866, the town board approved the incorporation of New Haven, which became an official voting precinct in 1867.  The town was strategically located on the Wabash and Erie Canal, which opened in 1843, but owes most of its growth to the development of the Wabash and Nickel Plate Railroads which began running trains through New Haven in 1857 and 1882.   

Source for Demographics:  U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000

Sources for History: 
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New Haven Comprehensive Land Use and Strategic Economic Plan, April 23, 2002








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