The Final Document is Complete!

Plan-it Allen! staff are pleased to announce that the final document is now available for download.
Click here to download the final document in Adobe Acrobat 

(Note: The file has been optimized for web viewing and quick downloading which may cause some of the images to appear blurry when printed.)

Copies of the final document can also be obtained  from the City of Fort Wayne Planning Department (260-427-1127) or the Allen County Department of Planning Services (260-449-7607).  The document is available in the following formats:

  • Compact disc - $5.00
  • Full color copy with disc - $35.00
  • Black and white copy with disc - 25.00 (limited supply)
    (Note: all discs contain the plan, maps, and existing conditions reports)

A copy of the final plan is also available for viewing at the following locations:
  • The Main Branch of the Allen County Public Library (Business and Technology Section)
  • The City Clerk's Office (1st floor City/County Building)
  • The City of Fort Wayne Planning Department (8th floor City/County Building)
  • The Allen County Department of Planning Services (6th floor City/County Building).

    Adoption Timeline:

    Plan-it Allen! staff presented the final draft of the Plan Chapters to the Comprehensive Plan Committee (CPC) for final review and comment on June 28, 2006.  Staff then presented the plan to over 30 stakeholder groups.  The result of the stakeholder meetings led to some minor language modifications in some of the objectives and strategies of the plan.  These changes along with the Executive Summary chapter were taken back to the Comprehensive Plan Committee on January 12, 2007.  The draft plan was then presented at several community meetings in late January.  The timeline for County, City and Town final review and adoption of the plan was as follows:

    February 19: Fort Wayne Plan Commission public hearing
    February 26: Fort Wayne Plan Commission recommendation ("Do Pass" recommendation )
    March 20: Fort Wayne City Council Discussion
    March 21: Allen County Plan Commission public hearing  ("Do Pass" recommendation)
    March 27: Fort Wayne City Council approval
    March 30: Allen County Commissioners discussion and approval
    May 1: Monroeville Town Council discussion and approval
    May 7: Woodburn City Council discussion and approval
    June 13: Grabill Town Council discussion and approval
    September 4: Huntertown Town Council discussion and approval

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